Sahba Hemadi Sentenced to 7 Years Imprisonment

Sahba Hemadi Sentenced to 7 Years Imprisonment

Published by on January 1, 2021

International Liberty Association: Sahba Hemadi, who was arrested in October 2018 and was temporarily released in March 2020 on bail until completion of her prosecution. Then the Revolutionary Court of Ahvaz sentenced her to 7 years in prison on 30 December 2020. Finally, She was taken to the Sepidar Prison of Ahvaz on 30 December 2020, to serve her seven-year prison term.

Sahba Hemadi arrest was simultaneous with the arrest of a large number of Arab citizens in Khuzestan after an attack on the parade of the Armed Forces in Ahvaz, in October 2018.

She was taken to the Intelligence Department of Ahvaz and Evin Prison for about one year for interrogation. After her introgations, she was transferred to Sepidar Prison.

Sahba Hemadi was under tortur in the Intelligence Department of Ahvaz, such as electric shocks to confess that she had poisoned pilgrims. After several months of torture, she was transferred to the Intelligence Ministry Ward in Evin prison in Tehran, where she was interrogated for more six months. They made several video recordings of her confessions and every time they threatened to kill her husband.

However, on 27 March 2020, she was temporarily released on bail until the completion of her prosecution.

ILA: The Revolutionary Court of Ahvaz sentenced her to death on the charge of “armed insurgency and acting against national security.” The Supreme Court subsequently commuted her sentence to 15 years’ imprisonment in November 2019. After another appeal, her sentence was reduced to 7 years.

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