Prison Authority Denies Medical Care to Baha’i Negin Ghadamian

Prison Authority Denies Medical Care to Baha’i Negin Ghadamian

Published by on November 8, 2018

Baha’i prisoner Negin Ghadamian is being denied her dental care referral for a severe gum infection, jaw pain, and toothache.

Security agents first arrested Ghadamian on May 24, 2011, after which she went free on 50 million tomans bail. In March 2012, she was sentenced in absentia by Judge Moghiseh on charges of “acting against national security through membership in the illegal Baha’i organization.” She was arrested at the airport on 17 December, 2017, to serve her sentence.

Prison authorities, including clinic head Agha Khani, have opposed Ghadamian’s medical transfer, insisting her treatment take place inside the prison.

As the population of the Women’s Ward grows up, prisoners get less proper medical care. Prison authorities deny transferring prisoners to outside medical centres and hospitals.

According to human rights activist: “Evin Prison dentistry operates in less-than-sterile conditions and exposes patients to remarkably high risk for infections,” also, “Cavity fillings are expensive there, putting patients out as much as 20 million rials or preventing them, for lack of means, from getting the fillings they need.”

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