Hundreds of Children Separated From Their Imprisoned Mothers

At least 1,800 children of imprisoned women, were separated from their mothers and were delivered to Welfare Organization, the state-run ILNA news agency reported on 26 January. According to ILNA, Mohammad Nefriyeh, director general of the Children and Youth affairs in the Welfare Organization, said: “According to a memorandum... Read More

Imprisoned Lawyer Faces More Imprisonment Sentence While Case Is Under Appeal

Imprisoned human rights lawyer Mohammad Najafi has been slapped with additional time after being tried last week, according to his lawyer Payam Derafshan. He was taken to court in the city of Shazand, in Markazi Province, on 15 January 15, 2019, to face an additional charge for his online posts. The court sentenced Mohammad Najafi to... Read More

Iran’s largest cargo terminals Stagnation

Bandar Abbas is the largest harbour in Iran used for imports and exports. It is also known as the pulse of Iran’s economy. The harbour’s terminal is one of the largest truck terminals in the country and delivers cargos all around Iran. But these days, the terminal is almost deserted. For this, many drivers only get to deliver a single... Read More

Reza Khandan Husband of Jailed Iranian Human Rights Lawyer, Nasrin Sotudeh, Gets Six Years Imprisonment

Reza Khandan and Farhad Meysami were both sentenced to six years behind bars and banned from leaving the country or engaging in online activities for two years for peacefully protesting the country’s compulsory hijab law. The sentence was handed down by the Tehran revolutionary court, the state-run ISNA news agency reported. Mohammad... Read More

Iran Official: People Protests Spread to 160 Cities

A senior Iranian regime’s official said that people protested in 160 cities across the country during the anti-regime uprising of December 2017, something that contradicts the official Regime position that the protests were small, localized, and easily suppressed. These figures by Ali Rabie, a Deputy Intelligence Minister of the Iran,... Read More

Iran Prosecutor-General: “Unfortunate” That Iran Is Not Amputating More People’s Hands

Iran's Prosecutor-General has expressed regret on Wednesday that not enough people in his country are being punished for crimes with blinding or amputations because the country is trying to avoid international condemnation from human rights bodies or foreign governments. In comments carried by the Fars News Agency, Mohammad Jafar Montazeri... Read More