Religious Minority Prisoners were Attacked by Raja’i Shahr Prison Guards

Prison guards along with a number of Intelligence agents and prison warden attacked religious minority prisoners in Raja’i Shahr prison, in Karaj. It has been reported that, the anti-riot units used tear gas and attacked the prisoners, using batons. The legs of a number of them were broken in this attack. This raid, took place on the... Read More

Iranian Jailed Environmental Activist Claim Were Tortured To Make Confessions

Niloufar Bayani, a detained environmental activist in Iran, has said in a court sessions headed by judge Salavati that she has repeatedly been attacked and threatened by authorities and was forced to make confession. Ms. Biyani who has been held by IRGC intelligence for over a year now said: “The ‘confessions’ had been made under... Read More

Two Members of the Free Union of Iranian Workers Arrested

The security forces arrested the secretary of the board of directors of the Free Union of Iranian Workers, Jafar Azimzadeh, and vice president of the union, Parvin Mohammadi, on 29 January. The Free Union of Iranian Workers announced that security forces raided Parvin Mohammadi’s home on Tuesday 29 January, and arrested Jafar Azimzadeh... Read More

Sufi Woman Imprisoned With Drug Offenders

Shokoufeh Yadollahi, an imprisoned member of Iran’s Gonabadi Dervish minority is believed to be in a critical health condition and have lost her ability to talk. She has been suffering from chronic headaches due to inhaling smoke of drugs and cigarettes as she has recently been locked up with some of the dangerous criminals –... Read More

87th Woman Executed During Rouhani’s Presidential Time in Iran

A woman was hanged on Wednesday, 30 January, 2019, in Nowshahr Prison, the northern Iranian province of Mazandaran. The woman identified only as M.A, was convicted of “killing her husband.”  She had spent six years on death row. The woman is the 87th woman who is executed under Hassan Rouhani, the Iranian regime’s... Read More

Human Rights Watch Condemns Iran for Mass Arrests and Abuses

Human Rights Watch (HRW) criticized Iran for “widespread arrests” of protesters and activists in its 2019 annual report into human rights violations around the world, citing specifically the thousands of arrests made during the nationwide anti-government protests in the winter of 2018, as well as the arrests of environmentalists... Read More