Iran: Lengthy Prison Sentences of Women Activists

International Liberty Association: An Appeals Court in Iran has upheld the prison sentences of three women rights activists for protesting compulsory hijab. The sentence was reduced to a combined 31 years and seven months from an earlier total of 55 years and six months. According to the verdict Monireh Arabshahi and her daughter... Read More

Iranian Political Activists Sentenced to Lengthy Prison Terms for Demanding Khamenei’s Resignation

International Liberty Association: A revolutionary court in Mashhad, northeast Iran, sentenced eight political activists to a total of 72 years in prison. The eight individuals, along with six others, wrote an open letter in 2019, for the dismissal of the supreme leader, Ali Khamenei. The political activists Hashem Khastar, Abdol... Read More

Iran: 24 People Executed in January 2020

International Liberty Association: According to the reports published by the Iranian state-run press, human rights activists and their websites, 24 people were executed in Iran in January 2020. It showed be mentioned that the government does not revile the accurate number of executions, which is called “Secret Execution” and the... Read More

Iran: Teachers Sentenced to Prison for Nationwide Teachers Strike

International Liberty Association: An Appeals Court has sentenced seven Iranian teachers from North Khorasan Province for participating the nationwide teachers’ strike in 2018. According to the Council of Teachers’ syndicates, a Revolutionary Court had sentenced the seven teachers to a total of 41 years in prison as well as lashes,... Read More

Wounded protesters die due to infection in the absence of medical care

International Liberty Association: Wounded Iranian protesters have lost their lives due to infection of their wounds in the absence of medical treatment at hospitals. At least two protesters wounded in the November 2019 uprising in Iran, have been announced dead. Amir Ojani, father of four, had been wounded by security forces during... Read More

France 24\ verified videos of women’s injuries in Iranian protests

International Liberty Association: France 24 reported on the violence committed by security forces during the January 12 demonstration in Tehran causing women’s injuries. For the full report please use the link below: France 24 says, A shotgun carried by a man in plainclothes, three women bleeding 70 meters away, teargas fired at... Read More