New Accusation Against Atena Daemi, While Still in Prison

New Accusation Against Atena Daemi, While Still in Prison

Published by on January 28, 2020

International Liberty Association: IRGC and the authorities of Evin Prison have filed new cases against civil activist prisoner Atena Daemi.
The anti-death penalty activist stood trial on Sunday, 26 January, 2020, at Branch 3 of the Evin Prosecutor’s Office, headed by Investigator Allahyari.

Ms. Atena Daemi has been accused of collusion and assembly against national security for “celebrating during prison’s silence hours on 11 November, 2019 during the holy month of Muharram; issuing a statement against the death penalty on 8 October, 2019; releasing a statement along with 17 other inmates on the imprisoned mothers’ plea for justice on 8 November, 2019; holding a sit-in outside the prison office for several hours to protest being denied family visits and demanding to know the reason while being supported by 21 of her inmates; insulting and accusing prison guards for being deprived of family visits on 2 November, 2019; participating in a sit-in on 21 December, 2019 along with 7 other inmates; and forcing her inmates to pass her statements out of prison.”

The civil activist prisoner was threatened during her trial on 26 January, 2020, to be exiled to a prison in a distant city.

In addition to the head of the women’s ward, Fazeh Abdolhamidie, 17 of the women’s ward’s staff have testified against Ms. Daemi.
The new cases against Ms. Daemi were filed while she has been barred from meeting her lawyer since the previous case.

She was verbally informed of the ban on her family visits 11 months ago, but not in writing.

ILA: According to human rights reports, Mr. Hossein Daemi, Ms. Daemi’s father, said the following about her daughter: “They did not allow us to visit Atena. We saw her as she was being returned from the Prosecutor’s Office of Evin. My daughter’s physical condition is not good. But she has high spirits and strong will. So long as I’m alive, I’ll continue to be her voice, and I will reveal the oppressor.”

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