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Kian Pirfalak, a ten year old boy was shot by the Iranian regime’s security forces whilst being in a car with his father.

His death sparked a nationwide outrage against the government and its use of extreme lethal force against protestors.

A bullet had gone through Kian’s lung. His father was also seriously injured and was later hospitalized. His mother, Zeinab Moulai denies the government’s account of events, and claims her son was killed by security forces.

So far, more than 50 teenagers have been murdered by the regime during the protests.

A number of them were beaten to death whilst in the regime’s custody.

Unsure about their fates, families are desperately struggling for the release of at least 400 teenagers who’ve been so far detained.


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International Liberty Association is a registered Charity (1160607) set up with the aim of promoting respect for human rights in Iran and the Middle East. We are registered with the Fundraising Regulator.

We campaign on behalf of, as well as provide support and assistance to those imprisoned or otherwise detained due to their gender, political, religious or belief. We also work to support and promote the rights of children, women and religious minorities who face systematic discrimination and oppression.


Iran Protests 2022

Since 16th of September 2022, Iran has seen a public uprising, with demonstrations and protests taking place in more than 230 cities and towns, triggered by the tragic death of Mahsa Amini, 22, who was detained by the so-called morality police in Tehran on 13 September and died, while in custody, three days later.

So far, the regime has killed over 550 people with more than 30,000 arrests.

The young girl on the right was Nika Shahkarami, and she was 16 years old. On 20th of September 2022, Nika went missing. Reports suggested that Nika was taken away by the state security forces. A week later, her family came to know that she was brutally murdered after being sexually abused multiple times.
She turned 17 on the day of her funeral.
Many teenagers are currently under torture in regime’s prisons. We are campaigning to save their lives.


Dalia, daughter of Ismail Moloudi, a young Kurdish poet and singer

who was killed by the regime is laying flowers on her father’s grave.