Members Glaris Musical band in Kermanshah arrested

Members Glaris Musical band in Kermanshah arrested

Published by on January 25, 2021
Glaris Music Band

International Liberty Association: According the reports from Kermanshah city, members of an All-Women musical band in Kermanshah were arrested and summoned to Intelligence office ten days ago.
Based on the report,on Saturday, 16 January 2021, two members of Glaris all-women musical band were summoned to the Intelligence office of Kermanshah.

Nazanin Atabaki and Nasrin Yazdanipour, solo singers of the musical band, were interrogated by the police. Subsequently, they were temporarily released on bail until their prosecution is finalized.

The state-run media published the news on Sunday, 17 January, without mentioning the name of the All-Women musical band and detention of the members.

In addition, Hassan Heydari, the head of the Intelligence Police of Kermanshah, said, β€œThe police will deal decisively with all forms of abnormal and unconventional behavior.”

Members of Glaris musical band in Kermanshah, including Nazanin Atabaki, Samira Farahnaki, Maliheh Moradi, Nasrin Yazdanipour and Elham Yazdanipour have been summoned several times over the past days. They were compelled to sign written pledges not to participate in production.

Marjan Karamjani, another member of this musical band was banned from her artistic activities in 2019.

ILA: The all-women Glaris musical band was founded in Kermanshah in 2017. It is active in performing folklore and traditional Kurdish music.

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