Please Sign Our Petition (Lawyers, Jurists and Legal experts)

To Rt Hon James Cleverly, The Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs:

Since mid-September, protests and uprisings led by women and youth have spread to more than 180 cities and 50 major universities. The protesters chant slogans targeting the religious dictatorship. At least 450 protesters have been killed by security forces and another 25,000 arrested. The internet has been partially shut down.
We, strongly condemn the killing of protesters and ask the British government to refer the dossier of this regime’s crimes to the United Nations Security Council.
We ask you to guarantee free access to the Internet for the people of Iran.

We condemn the arrest and persecution of lawyers and legal representatives and demand the immediate release of lawyers who have been arrested for doing their job in defending the detained protesters.

We need action to stop a massacre in Iran.