Kevin Lawler’s 10 Mile Challenge at Great South Run

Kevin ran at the Great South Run on Sunday 22nd October 2017 for ILA.

He said: The race was enjoyable and took place under fairly sunny skies and in a strong wind. I managed to complete the 10 mile course in 1 hour 22 minutes – 3 minutes under my target time of 1 hour 25, so I was pleased with that. About 20,000 souls took part in the run which begins and ends on Southsea Common and takes us through the city including the historic dockyard and past Portsmouth Cathedral. 

We are grateful for all the support that has been generated and there is still a chance for post race sponsorship.

Please click here to sponsor Kevin’s successful run.

You can also promote Kevin’s benevolant action via his page on VMG

This is what he said when asked why he is doing this:

Since being introduced to ILA and it’s struggle for justice and human rights several years ago, I have been inspired by the tremendous courage and dedication of all those involved in this noble cause. I am humbled  by the many stories of personal sacrifice ILA members have shared with me and also by the passion with which the campaigns are waged. As I’m blessed with reasonable fitness and good health, it is the least I can do to help the cause.