Joseph Shahbazian, still in Detention

Joseph Shahbazian, still in Detention

Published by on August 2, 2020

International Liberty Association: After the court requested a bail of 3 Billion Tomans for the temporary release of Christian convert Maliheh Nazari, a bail of 3 Billion Tomans was also set for “Joseph Shahbazian” one of the leaders of the house church.

Reports from Iran indicate that the Investigation Branch of the Tehran Security Court, after completing the interrogation process for the release of Joseph Shahbazian, 56, an Armenian citizen imprisoned in Evin Prison, issued a bail of 3 Billion Tomans.

Shahbazian was arrested on 30 June 30 during a worship service in the Yaftabad area of Tehran.

According to the reports, at the time of the attack of the security agents on the house church meeting in Yaftabad, Tehran, apart from Mr Shahbazian, about 30 other Christian converts were also present in this meeting.

It should be mentioned that this extremely heavy bail for Shahbazian was issued while the court previously set bail of 3 Billion Tomans for the temporary release of “Maliheh Nazari”, a member of “One-Hearted” House Church in Tehran.

In recent weeks, at least 35 Christian converts have been arrested or summoned or interrogated in three cities, Tehran, Karaj and Malayer, reveals that a new wave of pressure has begun on Christians.

ILA: Most of them have been accused of “propaganda against the regime” and “acting against national security” through “membership in the house church of Zionist Christianity”. Security forces pressured and threatened the detainee’s families in order to prevent them from disclosing any detail about their detention.

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