Iraq: College students protests in numerous cities

Iraq: College students protests in numerous cities

Published by on March 4, 2020

International Liberty Association: A large number of college students held rallies in numerous cities after it was announced by October Demonstration Committee, protesting government corruption. The demonstrators expressed their full support for the ongoing protests in central and southern Iraq.

In the city of Nasiriyah of southern Iraq protesters in Habubi Square expressed their full support for their colleagues in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square, continuing their demonstrations well into the night.

Iraqi protesters also issued a statement rejecting the “National Salvation Council” as a plot prepared by Iran, including former Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki.

The October Demonstration Committee once against emphasized that the Iraqi people completely denounce such a council and its suspicious objectives. The Committee calls on all protesters in squares across the country to refrain from any cooperation with this council and not be deceived by their misleading slogans.

Reports from Baghdad’s Khalani Square showed clashes between protesters and Iran-backed militia groups leading government security forces. The militia members were seen shooting live ammunition and resorting to tear gas.

ILA: The Iraqi War Crimes Registration Center said on Friday at least 22 protesters were wounded Three individuals in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square were attacked with knives and sticks. One protester was killed as a result of intense bleeding.

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