Iran: security forces violently attack landfill protesters

Iran: security forces violently attack landfill protesters

Published by on October 3, 2019

The State Security Force attacked and detained villagers in the Kordmir Village of Chardangeh, protesting a 14 year old landfill in the northern village of Chahardangeh.
Residents of the village located in the city of Sari, Mazandaran Province were violently beaten and detained during Tuesday’s Chahardangeh landfill protests. Local sources said that security forces used tear gas to disperse the angry protesters.

This protest had lasted 17 days until September 24, when the forces of the State Security Force’s Special Unit raided and brutalized the protesters to disperse their crowd. They fired plastic bullets on the protesting women in this village.

According to eyewitnesses, many women were injured or passed out after being beaten by security forces.

Acco0rding to International Liberty Accosiation, an eyewitness said adding that many women were also forcefully arrested: “After locals prevented Sari’s waste from being dumped in this region in the past few weeks, and on orders of the prosecutor, security forces were transferred to Chahardangeh and started violently arresting and beating protesters.”

After the protest was suppressed, new trash was dumped in the Chahardangeh landfill.

A video posted on social media shows the area that the authorities has dumped trash in the village.

Villagers say the trash has contaminated their water sources and caused respiratory problems for their children.

Trash from the city of Sari has been dumped in the Chahardangeh landfill for the past 14 years. The villagers were initially told that it would only be used for six months.

Based on ILA information, the state-run Fars News Agency also confirmed the clashes between security forces and the Chahardangeh landfill protesters.

According to Chahardangeh locals, the waste has seeped into their water sources contaminating their water and has also led to respiratory problems in children.

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