Iran: Protests by Nurses of Milad Hospital demand unpaid salaries

Iran: Protests by Nurses of Milad Hospital demand unpaid salaries

Published by on January 14, 2021

International Liberty Association: According to the news from Milad Hospital in Tehran, nurses of this hospital held a protest in front of the hospital main entrance, demanding payment of their salaries during the pandemic and raise on their salary.
The state-run news agency, ILNA, reported that the protest was held on 12 January 2021 in Tehran.

According to the nurses of Milad Hospital who participated in this protest,: “Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have not received our fees for fighting the Coronavirus. We did not have a salary raise in recent months, either. This is despite the fact that our job has become difficult and hazardous after admission of patients infected with the Coronavirus”.

ILNA, news agency, (12 January): The protesting nurses were accompanied and supported by a group of the hospital’s staff. Their demands included a 50% raise in their salaries, payment of fees for fighting the Coronavirus, payment of their past-due salaries, job security, official contracts, and attending to their demands.

The new manager of Milad hospital, Hamzeh-zadeh, has separated the hospital staff from healthcare workers and does not pay the staff yet.

The new manager of Milad Hospital has declared that the hospital is being run by a contractor company and is self-sufficient, adding, “We do not have anything called pay raise or budget for payment of fees for the fight against the Coronavirus.”

ILA: Two weeks ago, the nurses and healthcare workers employed by contractor companies held at least 7 protests to demand their salaries and benefits.

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