Iran: Protesters Arrest in Behbahan

Iran: Protesters Arrest in Behbahan

Published by on July 21, 2020

International Liberty Association: Behbahan city in Khuzestan province was the scene of protests like the 2019–2020 Iranian uprisings. In a similar and reciprocal response, the government arrested several protesters and cut off Internet access in Khuzestan. Security forces arrested a young woman during the protests in Behbahan.

Videos posted on social media show groups of several dozen citizens of Behbahan taking to the streets the evening of Thursday, 16 July.

The demonstrations took place in protest against the crisis-stricken economy, as well as the issuance of death sentences to the protesters of the November 2019 uprising in Iran.

During the gathering in Behbahan on Thursday night, security forces fired tear gas, launched airstrikes, and arrested more than 30 protesters.

According to credible reports, one of the detainees was Farzaneh Ansarifar, the sister of Farzad Ansarifar, one of the victims of the November 2019 uprising.

In an official statement, Behbahan State Security Forces announced that they will deal with the movement decisively.

ILA: The announcement, issued the morning of Friday, 17 July says: “Avoid any gathering that could be a pretext for a protest of anti-regime elements. The SSF will deal decisively with these disparate movements in accordance with its inherent and legal duties” (The state-run Mehr news agency – 17 July 2020).

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