Iran: Forced marriage Caused Suicide of a 18-year-old girl

Iran: Forced marriage Caused Suicide of a 18-year-old girl

Published by on March 17, 2021
Anahita – Shahidi

International Liberty Association: A 18-year-old young girl in Yasuj, seeking to oppose forced marriage through hanging and lost her life. A young girl living in Yasuj city hung herself and lost her life.

According to Human rights activists from inside Iran, The identity of this citizen “Anahita Shahidi, 18 years old and from the village of Sarabtaveh, Yasuj, the 18 year old girl, Anahita Shahidi, attempted suicide to oppose her forced marriage.

According to an informed source; Miss. Shahidi was forced to marry with her cousin, but she hung herself when she was alone and lost her life.

ILA: A large number of women have been sentenced to death in Iran for the murder of their husband. Mostly this is for a forced marriage and being abused, physically and psychologically by thir elderly husband.

They were forced to marry while they were still a child. For instance, Razieh Ebrahimi was married to her husband at the age of 14, and she admitted to shooting her husband while he was asleep.

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