Iran: Christian woman denied jobs

Iran: Christian woman denied jobs

Published by on January 25, 2021

International Liberty Association: A Christian woman has been deprived from getting employed for converting from Islam to Christianity, by the Iranian Intelligence services.
A former prisoner of conscience, Mary Mohammadi (Fatemeh) wrote in a post that nearly one year since she was released from Qarchak Prison in Varamin, she has been deprived of employment. The companies that she previously worked with have refrained from hiring her, due to the pressure by the intelligence services and against their own will.

According to an informed source, a former boss of this Christian woman said about the situation: “For the sake of my one-year-old child, I cannot take any risks.”

It should be mentioned that, Mary Mohammadi was deprived of continuing her education in Tehran’s Azad University – North Branch where she was studying English translation, in December 2019.

Earlier on 7 April 2018, Tehran’s Revolutionary Court sentenced this Christian woman to 6 months imprisonment on charges of Christian activities and acting against national security through propaganda against the state. She was released from prison after finishing her imprisonment sentence.

ILA: Last year, on 12 January 2020, intelligence agents violently brutalized and apprehended her near Tehran’s Azadi Square during the nationwide protests against the downing of a Ukrainian passenger airliner by the Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).
Mary Mohammadi was sexually harassed and abused while under interrogation in Vozara detention centre in Tehran.

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