Iran Broke up May Day Rally outside the Parliament in Tehran

Iran Broke up May Day Rally outside the Parliament in Tehran

Published by on May 2, 2019

The statement continues: “From the beginning of this May Day rally, we were witnessing police units and many plainclothes agents dispatching to the scene. Half an hour after the workers, college students and a number of retirees and other labour activists started, authorities dispatched police units and plainclothes agents to the scene who attempted violence against the demonstrators.”

Iranian security forces broke up the Labour Day demonstration in front of the Parliament (Majles) in Tehran on Wednesday May 1, arresting tens of workers.
According to the Tehran Bus Drivers’ Union, at least 35 people, mainly members of the union have been detained along with university students and other participants.

According to eyewitnesses, “The demonstrators have been beaten and wounded and dragged on the ground before being taken into the custody.”

Prominent bus trade unionist Reza Shahabi is among those who have been arrested in the May Day demonstrations in front of the Parliament on Wednesday.

Iran’s Labour Code does not grant citizens the right to form independent unions, despite Iran’s ratification of the UN’s International Convention on Civil and Political Rights and membership in the International Labour Organization.

Workers are regularly threatened, detained, tortured and even sentenced to flogging, despite their legitimate demands and protests to current conditions which has robbed them of more than 80% of their purchasing power.

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