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is essential in
protecting Survival
of Humanity

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Make Children’s Wishes
Come True
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to Their Faces and Hope to their Hearts
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“Mother Teresa”
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Welcome to International Liberty Association

International Liberty Association is a registered Charity (1160607) set up with the aim of promoting a respect for human rights in Iran and the Middle East, at the same time as assisting the victims of such abuses.

It aims to campaign on behalf of, as well as provide support and assistance to those imprisoned or otherwise detained due to their gender, political, religious or otherwise consciously held belief. In particular, it will work to support and promote the rights of children, women and religious minorities who face systematic discrimination and brutal oppression.

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Let's build a better future for children

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Women's rights in Iran

The suppression of women continues

Executions in Iran

Most executions per capita

30,000 Massacred. Why?

Worst massacre of prisoners

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The latest news

International Liberty Association: Hacked footage from security cameras in Iran’s Evin Prison and the ILA:publication of some of the prison’s documents published online by a group of

International Liberty Association:(CNN)The mother of Navid Afkari, the wrestling star ILA:executed by the Iranian Government, says

International Liberty Association:Azimeh Nasseri and Nahid Kamangar are two Kurdish women prisoners who have been tortured and threatened in order to force them to make false confessions. Bothwomen were interrogated, tortured, and threatened in the IRGC and the Ministry of Intelligence’s detention.

International Liberty Association: According to Iran’s state media eight young medical Residents have died suddenly in Iran ILA: since March

International Liberty Association: According to Iran’s state media, a nurse died of the Coronavirus on 2 and of August at Mehr Hospital in Ahvaz. Afsaneh Ehsani, 26, died after giving birth to her baby due to shortness of ILA: breath caused by the illness. She had contracted

International Liberty Association: Demonstrators gathered outside a court in Stockholm on Tuesday 10 August, to protest against the Tehran government on the opening day of the trial of a 60-year-old Iranian suspected of war crimes and murder, Swedish news agency TT reported.

International Liberty Association :On Sunday 8 August, in the city of Urumieh, north-eastern Iran, a zealot attacked two women for their veiling which he deemed to be

International Liberty Association: Iranian authorities have secretly executed Sajad Sanjari, a juvenile offender imprisoned in Diezelabad Prison in Kermanshah, according to Amnesty

Help end the danger in the middle east, and stop the suffering