The largest ever online international event

Join us on 23rd of July 2022

Please Join the Largest Online Gathering on Zoom to Promote Human Rights in Iran and Save Prisoners of Conscience

23 July 2022 – 1pm until 8pm

Some of the speakers of 2021 online summit

The Late Sir David Amess speaking at the Free Iran Grand Gathering in 2018


The current president of the Iranian regime, Ebrahim Raisi, is known to Iranian citizens as “The Butcher” because of his key role in the 1988 massacre of 30,000 protesters.  This event has become increasingly exposed thanks to the incredible sacrifices made by families of the victims and the campaigns to unveil the facts about that horrific tragedy. Since that time, thousands more citizens have been imprisoned, tortured and executed.

Misogynist laws place women as inferior to men resulting in routine disrespect and abuse. When confronted by authority women receive harsher punishments than men. With regard to religion the regime does not discriminate, its victims include Muslims, Christians and Jews.

Reyhaneh Jabari executed in 2014 for defending herself against rape
Isfahan 33 Arches Bridge has dried up due to the regime's corruption

State corruption is implicated in extensive environmental damage across Iran. Rivers have been dammed, destroying ecosystems, and preventing farmers from producing crops.  Once green and thriving fields, forests and waterways are now wastelands. Over 80% of Iranians live below the poverty line.

Workers such as nurses, doctors and teachers have seen their meagre salaries reduced, and many have remained unpaid for months.







Children are recruited into the armed forces and sent to the frontline in external conflicts. Around 6% of all marriages are with girls aged between 10 and 14 years. Children are coerced into these situations through ideological and religious brainwashing. Ironically, Iran is a signatory to the UN CONVENTION ON THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILD which prohibits all such practises.

We urgently need your support to change this dire situation

You can make a difference to the citizens of Iran merely by joining our Global Zoom summit on Saturday, the 23rd of July.  This international event will be a programme, of short addresses by leaders and public figures from the UK, Europe AND THE USA. These speakers come from different political and religious backgrounds; there will be no party biases.  They are united by a common goal to give hope to the Iranian people who need to know that the outside world is aware of the atrocities they endure. The 2021 international zoom event was viewed by more than 21 million people inside Iran because the one medium that the Iranian regime cannot control is satellite broadcasts. Communicating such global support boosted the morale of millions of Iranians striving for change.

Music and brief films will intersperse the program.

Your participation will help to:

Promote Human Rights in Iran

Highlight the profile of Prisoners of Conscience

Put International Pressure on the Iranian regime to Respect Human Rights and Stop Executions in Iran

The event will be broadcast Live into Iran

By Joining on Zoom, we Can and Must show the Iranian people that

they are not alone in their plight for freedom and human rights.

Please join us to echo the voice of the Iranian people and their desire to be free

If you are interested to join us or for more info, please send us an email:

or call us on 020 8452 3481.