Gang rape of more than 40 women by Iran regime agents outraged local residents

Gang rape of more than 40 women by Iran regime agents outraged local residents

Published by on June 21, 2018

Atmosphere in the city of Iranshahr, Southeast Iran, has been very tense.

A mass rape case, involving more than 40 women and girls in Iranshahr, Southeast Iran, by a gang which is supported by the Iranian authorities, has caused growing anger in local people.

According to the victims, the Iranian military and security forces were involved in this crime. In some cases the young women were abducted by “armed individuals wearing police and military uniforms.”

Iranian parliament member, Tayyebe Siavash, confirmed the mass rape case, and added: “the individual arrested in this case are supported by powerful and rich circles,” according to the Iranian regime’s official news agency.

Instead of persecuting the rapists the Iranian Prosecutor General, Mohammad Jafar Montazeri, said: “Those individuals publishing news of a number of women and girls being raped in Iranshahr will be prosecuted”.

According to Tasnim news agency, Mr Montazeri said: “The individual who has forged and published these reports must be able to prove this claim. Based on announcements made by local judiciary officials and the evaluations that I have personally carried out, the subject, as raised, is denied.”

He continued: “Most of rape victim families consider their daughters as a disgrace for their reputation. In similar cases, some families had physically eliminated the victims to bring an end to this subject.”

A number of people in Iranshahr protested against this case of mass rape of local women and girls, outside the local governor’s office, and in response, security forces attacked the protesters and arrested some of them.

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