‘Stop Executions in Iran’ Campaign

Victims in Iran face a range of challenges, including high execution rates affecting dissidents, minorities, and juveniles. They endure unjust trials, torture, and arbitrary detentions. Overcrowded prisons lead to inhumane conditions, and families suffer emotional trauma and uncertainty due to lack of information and legal representation. ILA addresses these issues through various initiatives.
ILA raises awareness through demonstrations, events, and media, highlighting human rights abuses in Iran. Their advocacy efforts include compiling prisoners' stories, exposing crimes through publications and social media, and organizing meetings and conferences to urge international bodies like the UN to address the situation. Their actions have resulted in the halt of executions and release of prisoners of conscience.
ILA supports victims' families by providing a satellite to be their voice and give hope). This assistance empowers families in their pursuit of justice and helps them navigate the difficulties they face.
ILA's collaboration with international bodies has led to the halt of executions and the release of prisoners of conscience in significant numbers during 2022 and 2023. These achievements highlight the impact of ILA's efforts in addressing human rights violations in Iran.
ILA collaborates with prominent figures and organizations, garnering support from 75 Nobel Laureates, former heads of state, parliamentarians, and other influential figures. This collaboration enhances ILA's credibility and influence in advocating against executions in Iran.
ILA employs a comprehensive approach, combining awareness campaigns, advocacy efforts, information dissemination, and support services. By addressing the multifaceted challenges faced by execution victims and their families, ILA aims to create a meaningful and lasting impact on the situation.
ILA empowers the public through letter-writing and petition campaigns, fostering a global movement against executions and human rights abuses. By engaging the public, ILA creates a collective voice that contributes to their mission of ending human rights violations in Iran.
In response to the international campaign we support, foreign offices and parliaments of various countries have taken action, including announcing plans for sanctions against the IRGC and the perpetrators of human rights abuses. The UK Foreign Office, France, and Italy have coordinated efforts to hold the Iranian regime accountable for its actions, indicating a global response to ILA's initiatives.
Global solidarity campaigns play a vital role in ILA's efforts, spanning across continents. These campaigns raise awareness, garner support, and amplify the voices of victims. Through these campaigns, ILA creates a unified international front against executions and human rights abuses in Iran.
ILA's multifaceted approach is crucial in addressing human rights abuses and executions. By combining awareness campaigns, advocacy efforts, information dissemination, and support services, ILA tackles the complex challenges faced by victims and their families comprehensively. This holistic strategy maximizes their impact and strengthens the global movement against human rights violations in Iran.