Religious Minorities

ILA's main focus is to shed light on the systematic discrimination, oppression, and persecution faced by religious minorities in Iran, including Christians, Jews, Baha’is, and Sunni Muslims. We Respond by Awareness campaigns, Advocacy information gathering and manifold campaigns to stop the oppression.
Religious minorities in Iran face arbitrary detention, torture, unfair trials, extrajudicial executions, destruction of their cemeteries and holy places, and discrimination in education and employment.
Yes, ILA highlighted the case of Ebrahim Firouzi, a Christian activist who faced prolonged imprisonment and harassment due to his Christian activities in Iran.
The Iranian government suppresses religious freedom by raiding home churches, denying Baha’is access to education, preventing the construction of Sunni mosques, and imposing legal barriers on religious minorities.
Religious minorities in Iran face discrimination across various faiths, and they encounter legal barriers limiting their access to education, employment, and religious practice, creating a unique and complex challenge. We need to use one or two video links or other material like power points or pdf.
ILA organizes meetings, demonstrations, events, and grand gatherings to raise awareness about the challenges faced by religious minorities, amplifying their voices in the international community.
ILA collects detailed information through activists inside Iran about the suffering of religious minorities in prisons and the violation of their basic rights, shedding light on the harsh realities they endure.
ILA's work is unique because of activists inside Iran who are risking their lives to gather information about the plight of suppressed people, including religious minorities. Therefore, ILA is able to highlight a complex issue often overlooked on the international stage. By focusing on multiple faiths, ILA addresses a broader spectrum of human rights violations faced by these communities.
Individuals can support ILA’s cause by making donations to support our various campaigns, participating in petition campaigns, attending events, sharing information through social media, and advocating for the rights of religious minorities in Iran.
ILA’s ultimate goal is to expose the Iranian regime’s crimes and atrocities, raise international awareness about the persecution faced by religious minorities, and advocate for their rights, ultimately putting an end to the discrimination and oppression they endure.