Stop a mass murderer entering the UK

The current president of the Iranian regime, Ebrahim Raisi, the “Butcher of Tehran”, has been invited to COP26 (the UN’s annual climate change conference).

The conference will be taking place in Glasgow from 31st of October until the 12th of November 2021.

Ebrahim Raisi is one of the main perpetrators of the 1988 Massacre and a member of the death commission that issued the death sentences for over 30,000 prisoners of conscience.

His invitation to this conference is not acceptable and if he is allowed to attend, then it is giving legitimacy to the crimes he has committed.

We have embarked on a campaign with the aim of putting pressure on the UK government to cancel his invitation.

Please join us in this campaign to prevent
Ebrahim Raisi from entering the United Kingdo

Please send your email to the following people:

Home Office public enquiries

Email :


Rt Hon Liz Truss


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