Daily Star: Iran’s ‘Death Commission’ behind slaughter of prisoners dumped in mass graves

Daily Star: Iran’s ‘Death Commission’ behind slaughter of prisoners dumped in mass graves

Published by on November 13, 2019
ILA, Campaign for “Stop Execution in Iran“.

International Liberty Association: The Daily Stars has published a report about the 1988 Massacre in Iran. The following is excerpt of this report.
“Iran attempted to cover up the brutal massacre which was carried out by Ayatollah Ruollah Khomeini.

ILA: Regarding the members of the “Death Commission”, who continue to hold senior positions within the regime, the Daily Stars contious: “Ebrahim Raisi – the current head of the Iranian judiciary – is accused to leading arrests, torture and executions during the massacre.”

“Mostafa Pourmohammadi – a judicial advisor – is to have handed down death sentences to all prisoners in Tehran and Karaj.”

“And Alireza Avai – Iran’s current justice minister – was one of the lading prosecutors involved in the slaughter.”

“The opposition groups accuse Iran of taking “every effort” to keep the details of the massacre secret, and they “severely punish anyone” who speaks out in public.”

“Eyewitness accounts reveal the horror of the massacre with the regime carrying out the mass killings such as by hanging prisoners from cranes.”
“Groups of 33 people would be hanged at once in these “execution yards” – with the victims being pulled down and replaced every 30 minutes.”
Trucks of bodies were then taken away and dumped, with this process being repeated for two weeks.

“Ayatollah Khomeini had ordered the torture and execution of the prisoners alleged due to a secret fatwa – a binding ruling under Islamic law.”

“He accused the political prisoners of “waging war on God” and urged his Death Commission to “not show any mercy”.”

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