COVID-19 Pandemic Threatens Lives of Women Prisoners

COVID-19 Pandemic Threatens Lives of Women Prisoners

Published by on May 18, 2020

International Liberty Association: More than ever, the COVID-19 pandemic is threatening the lives of women prisoners of Conscience, women rights activists, civil activist and political prisoners. The following describes the status of several women political prisoners, new prison sentences, and arrests in recent days:

Golrokh Iraee is being held in Qarchak Prison, in Varamin, where her life is in danger.

Golrokh Ebrahimi Iraee, is being held in a ward with common criminals, in violation of Iran’s regulations on the separation of inmates. Moreover, according to credible reports, at least 100 women in the ward have been infected with the Coronavirus.

After being released from prison, Golrokh was re-sentenced, this time to three years and seven months. In Qarchak Prison since November 9, 2019, she has been denied leave.

Prison officials have not taken any action to protect prisoners from Covid-19. Qarchak Prison processes new inmates, yet fails to implement specific Covid-19 protocols, thus endangering even more lives.

ILA: It should be mentioned that other political prisoners detained during the November uprising who are also in Qarchak Prison include Nazanin Tusi, Gita Horr, Mojgan Eskandari, Samira Hadian, Maryam Alishahi, and Raha Ahmadi.

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