Body Organs Trafficking in Iran

Body Organs Trafficking in Iran

Published by on September 24, 2019

Due to Iran economy crisis a dreadful business is on the rise in this country.
A huge number of people in Iran have to sell their body parts, including livers, lungs, bone marrow, blood, kidneys, and corneas, on the growing black market, to gain some money to be survive.
International Liberty Association has received many reports from inside Iran regarding this shocking trade. The reason behind this dreadful business is the economic strain in Iran so thousands of people are desperate enough to sell their organs, which can go for up to £40,000.

There are a lot of photos of graffiti, where people have advertised their organs on buildings near hospitals, and a website which advertises the buying and selling of organs via “organ brokers”, who prey on the desperation of both buyer and seller.

International Liberty Association believe that “in the recent years, rising living costs and poverty have greatly contributed to the booming business. It has become a systemic problem throughout the country”.

Kidneys are most in-demand, but a business that started more than a decade ago is no longer limited to the kidney but includes liver, bone marrow, and cornea. The liver is the second most frequently traded organ. Blood plasma is the latest addition to the list.

The most common reason to sell their body organs is to get out of debt.
Los Angeles Times says: “Iranian authorities say their system gives poor people a relatively safe way to make some money while saving lives, keeping surgery costs low and reducing transplant waiting times in a country where, until recently, few organs were harvested from people who died.

“Yes, people donate because they need money, but this is a reality all over the world,” said Nasser Simforoosh, chairman of the urology and kidney transplantation department at the Shahid Labbafinejad Medical Center in north Tehran.

“Instead of doing something illegal to cover their debts, like stealing or smuggling, they are saving a life first,” he said. “This is not exploitation. The end result is good for the recipient and the donor.”

Unfortunately, this is an untold and systematic catastrophe. When prople have to sell their Kidneys for £3,000 to £8,000, Bone marrow for around £8,000, corneas around £16,000, and livers up to £40,000.

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