ASHARG AL-AWSAT: British PM: Iran Protests Sign of Real Popular Dissatisfaction

ASHARG AL-AWSAT: British PM: Iran Protests Sign of Real Popular Dissatisfaction

Published by on December 5, 2019
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. (Reuters)

International Liberty Association: Ashargh Al-Awsat has published Mr. Boris Johnson, the Prime Ministers opinion on Iran recent protests.
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Protests in Iran are a sign of “real popular dissatisfaction” with the country’s leaders, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday.

The unrest, which began on November 15 after the government abruptly, raised fuel prices by as much as 300%, spread to more than 100 cities and towns and turned political as young and working-class protesters demanded clerical leaders step down.

“My own feeling is that this is not just about fuel prices, this is a sign of real popular dissatisfaction with the regime and frankly I am by no means surprised,” Johnson told reporters at a news conference following a NATO summit.

“As so often, Iranian disruption in the region is a distraction from the failings of the Iranian regime.”

Iran’s clerical rulers have blamed “thugs” linked to its opponents in exile and the country’s main foreign foes – the United States and Israel.

Tehran has given no official death toll, but Amnesty International said on Monday it had documented the deaths of at least 208 protesters, making the disturbances the bloodiest since the 1979 uprising that swept clerics to power.

A lawmaker said last week that about 7,000 protesters had been arrested. The judiciary has rejected the figures.

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