Alireza Farshi from Evin Prison: “Will someone helps the prisoners?”

Alireza Farshi from Evin Prison: “Will someone helps the prisoners?”

Published by on August 26, 2020

International Liberty Association: Alireza Farshi Dizjikan, a Turkish (Azerbaijani) activist imprisoned in Evin Prison, has written a letter to the Deputy Chief Justice of Evin Prison, requesting that the prison situation be addressed and that social distancing be observed during the corona outbreak. In the part of the letter, Mr Farshi stated that: “International prison standards have a clear definition of prison and prisoners.”

“Will someone helps the prisoners?” it continues: “Is the prison going to become a slaughterhouse or a place to make the prisoners physically and mentally unhealthy? So where are all these directives, etc. for the release of prisoners in the prison in this pandemic? Why not agree to the release the prisoners until the establishment of a white Coronavirus status?

Are judicial officers, interrogators, judicial experts stubbornly obstructing it, or is it mismanagement or other interests that have led to it, or are there people who are trying to kill prisoners in coronary prisons? “Do you think that these conditions are not to the detriment of everyone and even to the detriment of the prison staff?”

ILA: This letter was sent from Vakilabad Prison, Mashhad, by Habib Pirmohammadi to the UN Special Rapporteur on Iran.

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