With your generous help we have relocated a large number of refugees from a life threatening place to a safe place, which is a great achievement with a big thank you, so empower us to carry on save more lives.

Our Current campaigns are:
  • Stop Executions
  • Support Children’s Rights
  • Protect Minorities
  • Protect Prisoners of Conscience 
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Could I start by thanking the ILA for all of your fundraising, and all of the work, very important work, that you do on behalf of victims of human rights abuse..

Bishop John Pritchard, former Bishop of Oxford:

I’m really pleased to be able to join you. This was an unexpected pleasure and privilege to come along because you’ve obviously been meeting for some time, thirteen meetings, that’s impressive. So well done for doing that, but more important than that, you know, well done for the tremendous work that ILA is obviously doing for Iran and the Middle East as a whole.

Sir Alan Meale:

I wanted to use the opportunity, actually, to pay tribute to the ILA for the excellent work you actually do. Some of the campaigns you take up are not easy at all, work on stopping executions being outstanding, and the best way to explain that is to remind people that it’s been recognised at the highest level with the United Nations Commission on Human Rights and, of course, Amnesty International itself.

Hon David Jones MP: 

First of all, can I thank the ILA, We’re all very well aware of the work that the ILA has done, and I want to thank them too for all they’re doing at the moment to campaign to stop the executions in Iran.

Rosalind Topping:

I have been happy to support the ILA in a number of ways

I have been a supporter of the ILA for the last six years. Whilst learning more about the work of the ILA, I have had the opportunity to meet many Iranians who volunteer their time to pursue the aim of supporting the people of Iran.

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