Iran: Ban on women’s entrance to sports stadiums

Iranian regime officials once again underlined the ban on women’s entrance to sports stadiums. According to khabaronline News Agency: “Regarding the ban on women’s entrance to sports stadiums, Amir Mehdi Alavi, the spokesman for Iran’s Football Federation, declared; “Currently it is not possible for women to be present in... Read More

Iran: Children, Innocent Victims of Water Crisis

Lack of infrastructure and mismanagement of the water supply network has created water crisis in Sistan and Baluchestan province. A Sistan and Baluchestan village water official said in July 2019 that close to half of the province lacked water supply networks. Abdolahad Rigi, the head of the Sistan and Baluchestan Rural Water... Read More

A Tehran university Students hold A protesting Rally

Dozens of students in Tehran’s Science and Industries University held a night gathering on Tuesday, October 15, following a number of food poisoning cases after eating food from the campus self-service section. At least 60 students were reportedly transferred to a hospital until early Wednesday morning hours, local time. The gathering... Read More

Women’s Rights Activist prison sentence upheld by The Appeals Court

Alieh Motalebzadeh’s sentence of three years imprisonment was upheld by the Branch 36 of Tehran’s appeals court, On 14 October, 2019. Alieh Motalebzadeh, women’s rights activist, was sentenced to three years in prison by a preliminary court in 2016. According to the Article 134 of Iran’s Islamic Penal Code, the charge with... Read More

Iran: Majid Asadi deprived of medical care

Iran authorities in Rajai Shahr prison, in Karaj, west of Tehran, depriving Majid Asadi from the medical care that he needs by not permitting his transfer to a hospital. This prisoner is suffering from various illnesses, including his glands and digesting system, eyes and spinal cord. Prison authorities are demanding that he wear prison... Read More

Iran: A juvenile offender was saved from execution

A juvenile offender, who was arrested with a murder charge at the age of 16, was spared from gallows with consent of the next of kin after spending five years in prison in the city of Faryab. He was released on 15 July, 2019. He murdered a young boy in a fight after losing the control over his anger in 2014. The head of justice... Read More