Court Of Appeals Upholds Prison Sentence For Jailed Teacher Mohammad Habibi

Court of Appeals upheld 10-and-a-half-year imprisonment sentence for jailed teacher Mohammad Habibi. The Branch 36 of the Tehran’s Court of Appeals, presided by judge Zargar, sentenced Mr. Habibi to a 10-and-a-half-year prison sentence for “Gathering and collusion against national security” and for “Propaganda against the State”,... Read More

Three Girls Die Of Burn Injuries In School Fire In Zahedan, Iran

Three girls died in a school fire at a private per-primary and primary girls’ school in the south-eastern Iranian city of Zahedan, on 18 December. The fire broke out in a faulty oil stove being used during winter to heat a classroom of girls at a school in Zahedan, capital of Sistan and Baluchestan Province in south-eastern Iran. The... Read More

UN General Assembly 65th Resolution Condemns Human Rights Abuse In Iran

UN General Assembly has adopted a resolution, by a recorded vote of 84 in favor to 30 against, with 67 abstentions, condemning Iran’s human rights violations expressing grate concern over the high number of executions, especially juveniles, arbitrary and systematic arrests, and atrocious prison conditions. The UN resolution stresses the... Read More

Iran Arrests Christians Converts

Mohabat News reported that two Christian converts Shima and Shokoufeh Zanganeh, who were arrested about two weeks ago in the city of Ahvaz, were beaten during interrogations. These two sisters had been arrested in their homes on Sunday, 2 September and taken to an unknown location. Also, their Bibles and other religious literature were... Read More

Daughter of Jailed Activist Calls on International Community to Save Father

Hengameh Vahedian, daughter of Human Rights activist, Abbas Vahedian, addressed the European Union representatives and Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran, Mr. Javaid Rehman, regarding her father who has been imprisoned since 11 October this year. Hengameh Vahedian said that, her father, Abbas Vahedian, Huiman Rights activist, was... Read More

Canada “Deeply Concerned” about the continued detention of Environmental Researcher in Iran

The Canadian government says that it is “deeply concerned” about the continued detention of environmental researcher Niloufar Bayani, who is facing the death penalty in Iran on vague security and espionage charges. Nilofar, who is being held in Iran’s notorious Evin prison, was arrested back in January by the Iranian Revolutionary... Read More

Christian Converts Calls Intercepted By Iran Intelligence

Two Christian converts in Iran, have been recently arrested in the cities of Karaj and Mashhad. Behnam Ersali, who was visiting a friend in a northern city, and Davoud Rasouli, was arrested just outside his home in Karaj, west of Tehran. They had arranged to meet in Mashhad, according to advocacy organization Middle East Concern (MEC),... Read More

Former Teacher Prisoner, Arzhang Davoudi,is still Kept In Solitary Confinement

Former teacher prisoner, Arzhang Davoudi, held in the quarantine section of the Zahedan prison is reportedly under torture despite his poor health condition. After months in solitary confinement, Mr. Davoudi, in a message, said that he had been transferred to a small solitary confinement unit and was deprived of family visits, phone calls... Read More

Masoud Kazemi the Second Journalist Arrested in Tehran Within Two Weeks

Masoud Kazemi, journalist, is the second journalist who has been arrested by the security forces in Tehran within two weeks, on 5 November, this year. Mr Ali Mojtahedzadeh, his lawyer, in this regard has tweeted on 6 November: “Bail has been set at 250 million tomans, which I hope his family will be able to come up with”. Kazemi is... Read More

Protesters Unfair Trials Sentences

According to Human Rights Watch Iran’s judiciary convicted at least 24 protesters on vaguely defined national security charges. Their prison sentences ranged from six months to six years. They were charged with “assembly and collusion against national security” due to “participating in a protest without a permit that disrupted... Read More

Prison Authority Denies Medical Care to Baha’i Negin Ghadamian

Baha’i prisoner Negin Ghadamian is being denied her dental care referral for a severe gum infection, jaw pain, and toothache. Security agents first arrested Ghadamian on May 24, 2011, after which she went free on 50 million tomans bail. In March 2012, she was sentenced in absentia by Judge Moghiseh on charges of “acting against... Read More

Fish Farming Complex Tragedy in Southern Iran

Low water levels and increasing salt concentration in Karoun River, a major river in southern Iran, has resulted in rising fish fatalities at the Khorramshahr Fish Farming Complex. This complex started its activities as a conglomerate of 55 cooperatives in 1998 and expanded to include 88 cooperatives in 2016. The farm grows a variety of... Read More

Iran: Journalists recently Arrested by the Security Forces

Journalists recently arrested by the security forces include Saba Azarpeyk, a former reporter with the pro-reformist daily Etemad, freelance journalist Ejlal Ghavami, and Massoud Kazemi a reporter with the pro-reformist daily Sharq. Hivanews website editor Kazem Imanzadeh was summoned for questioning by judicial officials in Sanandaj on 6... Read More

Iran Parliament Ignores Child Marriage Problems

Forced child marriage is one of the fastest growing social problems in Iran due to government’s and parliament's indifference. Official statistics in Iran shows that some 37,000 girl under 15-year-old were married last year ant that at least 24,000 child marriages ended in divorce. A member of Iran’s parliament described recently child... Read More