Zeinab Jalalian, who is denied medical treatment in Iran jail, exposes the lies

Zeinab Jalalian, who is denied medical treatment in Iran jail, exposes the lies

Published by on June 16, 2018

Zeinab Jalalian, the Kurdish woman political prisoner with a life sentence who has already been in jail for 11 years under inhuman conditions and torture, has been systematically denied medical treatment in spite of the fact that he illness is deteriorating.

In a letter that she was able to send to outside prison earlier this month she exposes the regime’s new scheme and set of lies pretending that she is receiving medical treatment in prison. Despite her severe illnesses, Zeinab Jalalian has been denied all medical treatment to force her into making false televised confessions.

In her letter, Zeinab Jalalian has slammed the clerical regime for its hypocrisy and dishonesty and vowed to remain steadfast in pursuit of her humaniterian goal despite great suffering in jail. She wrote, “A free-thinker struggles with her mind and thoughts not with her body. And fortunately, you killers are not able to enchain the thoughts of any freedom loving person”.

The translated text of her letter appears below:

This regime is both hypocrite and dishonest.

They haven’t taken me to any physician but they have opened a counterfeit medical dossier under my name and published its documents in their media saying that Zeinab Jalalian has been visited by doctors. This is a sheer lie.

The regime knows nothing of humanity, and worse, they have used the images they took in 2008. In fact, they have taken advantage of them to deceive human rights organizations and the public opinion.

Hail to you who fight for people’s rights.

I am writing this letter to those who value and struggle for restoring other people’s rights.

It has been eleven years that I have been confined to the prisons of the Islamic Republic. Despite the various illnesses I suffer from, I have not requested the regime to provide me any medical treatment.

First of all, it was my eyes and then my kidneys, then my lungs and my blood pressure. Subsequently, I contracted thrush in the mouth and ultimately, the tooth cavity that makes me suffer a lot.

Three months ago, I asked for a dental check but prison authorities have not taken any action.

As a political prisoner, I am entitled to no rights. I have always got along with my pains, like a mother who pacifies her child with lullaby; because I well know that even if I ask for treatment it will not be answered, as they have not answered my recent request. This regime is both hypocrite and dishonest.

Wasn’t it enough to detain me in damp cells for years? Wasn’t it enough to deprive me of all telephone and personal contacts with anyone? They set dozens of conditions for the most trivial demands of mine.

As if a henchman beheads you and then asks you with a sweet smile to get up and walk. What a filthy deal these executioners are playing on me!

Is it true that if somebody doesn’t think or act like these butchers, he or she must rot and die in prison?

This is a dark logic denying the nature.

So, what is the meaning of all the different colours in nature?

If somebody is not bloodthirsty as you butchers are, must he or she die?

Henchmen! Do you hear my cries for freedom from behind the bars?

Let me give you a relief. I have not struggled with my body to regret it being enchained behind the bars.

A free-thinker struggles with her mind and thoughts not with her body. And fortunately, you killers are not able to enchain the thoughts of any freedom loving person. It is much too pleasant for me to suffer and die for freedom.

In fact, you are uprooting your own existence. Whatever you have done has been in vain. And you are doomed to fail.

No one and nothing is strong enough to prevent me from reaching out for my goals. I am immensely strong and I will continue to tread along my path.


Zeinab Jalalian
Khoy Prison
June 2018

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