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By supporting our Sima project, you join us in our efforts to make sure that Simay-e-Azadi will send out rays of light continuously and without interruption. Millions in Iran pin their hopes on Sima to echo their voice; we cannot let them down. Please click “Donate Now” and help our Sima project.

INTV, founded in 1996, communicates 24/7 to the Iranian public, as well as to other parts of the world. The channel’s stated purpose is to “provide a truthful media outlet to draw attentions to the plight of Iranian refugees [formerly] in Camp Liberty and promote human rights in Iran and encourage tolerance and coexistence amongst the people.”

INTV fulfils an important role in Iran. It gathers and broadcasts first-hand news about the conditions of Iranian refugees and the worsening situation of women, young people, teachers, nurses and all classes of Iranian society. The satellite channel operates commercial-free and is run largely with the assistance of volunteers. INTV’s reporters have an extensive network of contacts inside Iran from which they gather information on events within the country.

Camp Liberty

In addition to news, INTV broadcasts programmes on Iranian history, literature, culture, art, music, and comedy, as well as documentaries on different subjects, for instance about the violation of human rights, social and economic problems amongst the Iranian people, … that are unavailable to domestic audiences.

INTV has an estimated 10 million viewers, and its popular website receives tens of thousands of hits daily. Some news channels, the head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) said, “had penetrated a majority of Iranian households, such as Simay-e Azadi….”. Iran’s deputy media chief said INTV had “unfortunately infiltrated into most Iranian homes”.

The International Liberty Association is proud to provide financial assistance to Simay-e-Azadi, which is viewed by Iranians in Iran as a channel to convey their message to people all over the world.

By supporting Sima you strengthen their efforts to make sure that millions in Iran keep their hopes alive for Human Rights, Love and Justice. Sima echoes the voice of the voiceless of Iran, we cannot let them down. Please click “Donate Now” and help our Sima project.

Why your help is important

Simay-e-Azadi, is at a crucial crossroads where its ability to continue its activities is more necessary than ever. This TV channel tries through cultural, historical and other programmes to educate the Iranian people about their rights and encourages tolerance and coexistence amongst people inside the country, as well as Iranian exiles and the Diaspora population. Its news and programmes draw the world’s attention to the situation of human rights in Iran and the plight of Iranian refugees.

We appeal for your assistance and support in fulfilling our responsibilities for and commitments to human rights in Iran.

Knowledge and awareness of the realities that exist in the outside world and the introduction of cultural and social progress are the primary enemies of fundamentalism.

Your help is crucial for the Iranian people. Your support is the only source of power that will maintain this television station — one of the most important institutions working towards protecting human rights in Iran.

Network of Human Rights Activists amongst Journalists and Supporters

Simay-e-Azadi relies on a network of human rights activists amongst journalists and supporters inside Iran, who have taken on tremendous risks in order to relay news from inside the country in the shortest possible time.

Gholamreza Khosravi, Mohammad Reza Aghaei and Jaafar Kazemi are only a few of the many journalists and supporters who, merely for providing news such as films and reports or contributing financially to Simay-e-Azadi, have been executed by the Iranian regime.

Many of the supporters of this media outlet have been arrested and detained in Iran and many more have been denied jobs, education and professions and lost their seniority, rights and concessions.



INTV periodically conducts telethons to generate funds to operate its satellite broadcast channel. A 36-hour INTV telethon between 15 and 18 January 2016 generated £2.97million. Fifty phone lines were set up to receive calls. Contributions were also pledged by email, twitter, and on chat lines. Dozens of young Iranian human rights activists participated in the event, encouraging viewers to make donations. Contributions ranged from one pound to several thousand pounds and were received from donors throughout Iran and 31 other countries.

The Regime’s measures to stop the use of satellite communications
Collecting dishes

Gathering Dishes

In January 2015, the Iranian authorities announced that they had destroyed about 6,000 satellite dishes and receivers. They were put on display at a stadium in Shiraz. Twenty-one people were arrested and six manufacturing plants were shut down. Even though owning a dish is illegal, it’s believed that 50-70% of the Iranian public watch satellite television broadcasts, according to Fardin Ali-Khah, a sociology professor in Tehran. “Although their use is forbidden” he said, “they can be seen everywhere.”

Public smashing of sattelite dishes

Public Smashing of Dishes

The Iranian Regime’s President, Hassan Rouhani claimed in a speech in New York City that, “In Iran everyone has easy access to satellite networks, and you can see dishes on rooftops in every village.” Two days later, Revolutionary Guards announced they had destroyed 800 satellite dishes and receivers by crushing them with armoured personnel carriers.
Abdul Reza Dashi, a commander of the Basij, an auxiliary security force in Iran, said that the “battle against satellite TV and social networks on the Internet is more important than the effort of achieving chemical and atomic weapons.”

Jamming Satellite Signals

INTV has periodically been jammed to prevent Iranians from watching INTV and other channels. INTV has had to move its signal to other satellites (PanAmSat, AsiaSat, ArabSat, Eutelsat, and Hotbird) on numerous occasions to avoid being jammed.
In recent years, the level of jamming has diminished.

By supporting Sima, you strengthen their efforts to make sure that millions in Iran keep their hopes for Human Rights, Love and Justice alive. Sima echoes the voice of the voiceless of Iran, we cannot let them down. Please click “Donate Now” and help our Sima project.