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Protect Peaceful Protesters

  The deprived people are taking part in demonstrations across Iran. It has been going on for days and the protesters have no plan to stop. They have pledged to do this every day until freedom and rule of law is restored in the country that has been ruled by despots claiming their mandate is […]

Campaign to Help Christians

We can all be part of this campaign to be the voice of the voiceless.

Stop Execution of Children

According to official statistics released by Amnesty International, from 1994 till the end of 2011 47 children have been executed in Iran. This number is 8 times higher than the total number of children executed of in the rest of the world.

Appeal: Give Maryam the Chance to Live

Maryam has endured torture for 8 years in prison – 4 members of her family have been executed.

Stop Executions

Iranians in New York have staged a rally to condemn human rights violations in the Islamic regime and demand protection for dissidents trapped in Camp Liberty.

Support the Voice of the People

SimayAzadi (Iranntv.com) is a national satellite television station famously known as the free voice of the Iranian people.

Release Political Prisoners

Since 20 June 1981, when the reign of terror was started in Iran, it is estimated that 0.5 million people have been imprisoned in Iran for their political beliefs. The number is on the increase.

Sign our petition – To stop executions and abolish death penalty in Iran

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Help end the danger in the middle east, and stop the suffering