The Verdict of Appeal Court of 4 Civil Rights Activists

The Verdict of Appeal Court of 4 Civil Rights Activists

Published by on October 23, 2016

atena-daemi-omid-alishenas-aso-rostami-ali-nuriAccording to the issued verdict in branch number 36 of the appeal court of Tehran province, by judge Ghomizadeh for 4 civil rights activist, Atena (Fatimah) Daemi, Omid Alishenas, Aso Rostami and Ali Noori, their sentences have been reduced from respectively 14, 10, 7, and 7 to 7, 7, 2 and 2 years.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), the appeal court of 4 civil rights activists, Atena (Fatima) Daeimi, Omid Alishenas, Aso Rostami, Ali Noori and Mohammad Hossain Daemi (Atena’s father) was held in branch number 36 of Tehran on August 3, and the verdict was submitted to their lawyers on September 28.
According to this verdict:
“Regarding the appeal request of 4 defendants mentioned in the lawsuit issued in branch number 28 of the revolutionary court of Tehran, based on which in primary court Atena (Fatima) Daemi was charged with crimes against national security and propaganda against the Islamic Republic, and sentenced to 7 years imprisonment, also charged with insulting the supreme leader, sentenced to three years in prison, and finally charged with concealment of crime tools and sentenced to 4 years in prison; Omid Alishenas was charged with possession of CDs and sentenced to 7 million IRR fine, and also charges with possession of satellite equipment, sentenced to 5 million IRR fines; Ali Nouri was charged with acts against the national security and propaganda against the Islamic Republic and sentenced to 5 years in prison, also charged with insulting the supreme leader, and sentenced to 2 years in prison; Aso Rostami was charged with collusion for committing acts against the national security and propaganda against the regime, sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment, and charged with insulting the supreme leader sentenced to two years in prison.
Appeal court dropped the charge of using satellite equipment by Omid Alishenas, and according to defendant’s denial and based on article 37 of the constitution, the court has acquitted him, and as result applying article 134 of the Islamic Penal Act to him is considered irrelevant, so the court modifies 7 years to 5 years and 3 years to 2 years for insulting the supreme leader. No need to mention that the previous sentence regarding possession of CDs is confirmed. About the defendant Fatima Daemi, her charge about concealment of crime’s tool is dropped and due to denial and lack of evidence according to article 37 of constitution she is acquitted. Also without applying article 134 of Islamic penal act, her 7 years sentence is reduced to 5 years and 3 years for insulting the supreme leader is reduced to 2 years.
But in regard to defendants Ali Noori and Aso Rostami, the court has reduced their 5 years sentences for collusion to one year and half and two years sentence for insulting the supreme leader to 6 months, according to articles 37 and 38 of the Islamic Penal Act. These sentences are final”.
Atena Daemi, 27, was arrested on October 21, 2014 and was held for 86 days in solitary confinement of ward 2-A. She was transferred to women’s ward of Evin prison on January 18, 2015.
After several postponement of the court hearing, eventually in a court, presided by judge Moghiseh, judge of branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran and in the presence of her solicitor and the other inmates (Omid Alishenas, Asuo Rostami, and Ali Nouri), she was charged with propaganda against the regime, gathering and collusion against the national security, insulting the Supreme Leader, insulting the Islamic Republic’s founder and concealing evidence of the crime because of her peaceful civil activities, and was sentenced to 14 years in prison on March 14, 2015.
Omid Alishenas was arrested on September 4, 2014, and transferred to ward 2-A of Evin prison, which is controlled by the IRGC. Although a bail of 1000 million IRR had been issued for him, the court and the prosecutor’s office eventually did not accept the bail for unknown reasons and he was transferred to ward number 8 for continuation of the interrogations.
Omid Alishenas was released on the bail from Evin prison after 16 months of detention.
Aso Rostami, other defendant of this case, had been arrested along with several others after a gatheringto support Kobani in front of the UN office in Tehran, on Wednesday, October 8, 2014, and after a long time in solitary confinement and interrogation, he was transferred to ward 8 of Evin prison.
He was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment on charges of propaganda against the regime, gathering and collusion against the national security and insulting the supreme leader due to his peaceful civil activities.
Aso Rostami, social and civil rights activist, was released from Evin prison after sixteen months of detention.
Ali Nouri, civil rights activist was arrested during a protest in solidarity with Kobani in front of United Nations’ office on October 8, 2014 and was transferred to ward 2-A of Evin prison, which is controlled by the IRGC and after a long period of interrogations and being held in solitary confinement he was transferred to ward 8 of Evin Prison.
After being released on the bail of 500 million IRR, he was sentenced to seven years in prison.

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