Only a Handful of News of executions in Iran which reached the press in 2016

Only a Handful of News of executions in Iran which reached the press in 2016

Published by on September 15, 2016

human-rights-1Following is only a handful of news of  the executions in Iran which have found their way to the media in 2016. The actual news is far greater than this.











Mass Executions:
Mass Execution Of More Than 30 Prisoners In Just A Couple Of Days in Iran

Iran executes hundreds in brutal crane hangings at mega-prison outside Tehran

Iran Wins World Record for Most Executions Per Capita

Mass executions continue under ‘moderate’ Rouhani

2015 saw a dramatic rise in the number of people executed – at least 1,634 – the highest recorded by Amnesty International since 1989.

UN rights expert condemns Iran’s ‘illegal’ execution of 12 people on drug-related charges

Iran executes at least 10 Sunni prisoners despite unfair trial claims

IHRDC Chart of Executions by the Islamic Republic of Iran – 2016

2015 saw a dramatic rise in the number of people executed – at least 1,634 – the highest recorded by Amnesty International since 1989.

Since the beginning of August 2016 until today [16 August 2016], Iranian authorities summarily executed at least twenty-four Kurdish political prisoners.

Iran’s ‘staggering’ execution spree: nearly 700 put to death in just over six months

Authorities executed at least 830 prisoners by hanging as of November 1, 2015, with almost 700 executed in the first six months of the year. Officials also carried out amputations of limbs for crimes such as theft.

Iran’s Executions and Human Rights Abuses Hit 27-Year High

10 Prisoners Executed at Rajai Shahr Prison in One Day

Iran regime hangs nine people in Karaj prisons

At Least 6 Prisoners Executed in Rajai Shahr Prison

Iran hangs seven prisoners in one day

11 Prisoners Executed in GhezelHesar Prison

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein deplores mass executions in Iran

Statement by the spokesperson on the recent executions in Iran

Iran – Executions (August 3, 2016)

Human Rights Commissioner on recent executions in Iran

Strong condemnation of mass execution of Sunni political prisoners by Iran regime

Killing spree: Iranian authorities execute scores of Sunni prisoners in a single day

Iran: 36 Sunni Kurds executed

Dozens of Sunni Prisoners Executed in Rajai Shahr Prison in Karaj; Additional Information

Iranian Official Confirms Execution of 20 Sunni Prisoners

Eye Witnesses Explain Sunni Prisoners’ Mass-Execution in Rajai Shahr Prison

Iran: Mass Execution on Terrorism Charges

52 Death Row Drug Offenders Being Kept in Great Prison of Tehran

UN Expert calls on Iran to halt execution of 12 individuals expected to take place Saturday

Iran: 4500 prisoners on death row

Prisoners fear possible attempt by Iran regime to carry out another massacre

Iran regime steps up executions, 5 hanged in Bandar Abbas

This morning 12 individuals were executed by Iran regime


Juvenile Execution:
“Iran is one of a handful of countries that still executes child offenders, or boys and girls under 18 years of age at the time they commit a crime.”
“In 2015 human rights groups documented at least three executions of child offenders, with at least 160 others awaiting the same fate on death row.”
“The number of child offenders executed in 2014-15 are actually higher than at any time during the past five years,”.
“Today Iranian judges can, and have, sentenced girls as young as nine lunar years and boys as young as 15 lunar years to death by hanging, in plain violation one of the most fundamental and sacrosanct rights recognized under international law,”.
Dr Ahmed Shaheed, the United Nations Special Rapportuer on the Situation of Human Rights in Iran

In a report released to coincide with the first European state visit by an Iranian President for more than 16 years, Amnesty International said the Islamic republic had at least 160 juvenile offenders waiting to be killed on its death row.
The rights group said it could provide the names and locations of dozens of people sentenced to death for offences committed when they were under the age of 18.

Iran president under scrutiny over juvenile executions

Iran has proved that its sickening enthusiasm for putting juveniles to death, in contravention of international law, knows no bounds
Magdalena Mughrabi, Deputy Middle East and North Africa Programme Director at Amnesty International

The authorities continued to use the death penalty extensively, and carried out numerous executions, including of juvenile offenders. Some executions were conducted in public.

Iran: Open letter to UN High Commissioner for Human Rights regarding impending execution of juvenile offender Alireza Tajiki

Iran: Hanging of teenager shows authorities’ brazen disregard for international law

Iranian youth’s execution halted, still at risk

Saving Iran’s Children From Death Row -Scores of Youths Likely Face Execution in Iran


General News of Executions:
To date, there has been no indication that President Rouhani or his government opposes the executions in Iran

Concerns over Iran executions surge as Rouhani visits Europe

Four Prisoners Hanged in Northern Iran, One of them in Public

Prisoner Hanged in Public in Southern Iran

Iran: man and woman hanged in prison

Southern Iran: At Least 3 Prisoners Hanged at Bandar Abbas Central Prison on Drug Charges

7 Sunni Prisoners Sentenced to Death by the Revolutionary Court

IRAN: Young man killed under torture in Abadan

At Least 4 Prisoners Executed in Bandar Abbas Prison

Iran: Seven Prisoners Executed

A Civilian Killed in the Police Custody in Tehran

Iran: 30 Executions Carried Out in the Past Week

3 Prisoners Executed in Birjand

Iran: 250 executions so far in 2016

At Least 3 Prisoners Executed in RajaiShahr Prison

Two Prisoners Executed in Iran

The Number of Executions in RajaiShahr Prisoner Rises to Six

Iran Executes Kurdish Prisoner despite Claim of Forced Confession

Three Prisoners Hanged in Northwestern Iran

Iran – Execution of Shahram Amiri

Mother of executed Iranian scientist describes last visit with son day before his death

Two Prisoners Executed in Northern Iran on Unknown Charges

Six More Executions: IHR calls for urgent UN mission to Iran

Mohammad Abdollahi’s family is not allowed to receive his body

Further Information about Executions in Central Prison of Uremia

Five Prisoners Hanged in Iran in Accelerating Rate of Executions

Central Iran: Prisoner Executed in Public

Two Prisoners Hanged at Rajai Shahr Prison and Two Prisoners Hanged in Public

2 Prisoners Executed in Qazvin

A Drug Offender Executed in Gorgan

Four Prisoners Executed for Moharebeh, Including One in Public

Two Prisoners Executed in Southern Iran

UN rights expert condemns Iran’s ‘illegal’ execution of 12 people on drug-related charges

Iran: Seven Prisoners Executed, Including a Woman

A Prisoner Executed in Salmas



Massacre of Thousands of Political Prisoners in 1988
Taboo broken on 1988 mass executions in Iran

Iran’s Intelligence Ministry Tries to Hide Evidence of Massacre of Thousands of Political Prisoners in 1988

An opponent of political violence was once set to lead Iran. One last quarrel changed it all.

IRAN: Top mullah describes 1988 massacre of prisoners a great service rendered by Khomeini

“Public outrage in Iran, subsequent to the revelation of 1988 massacre, forces Iran regime’s supreme leader to react”

Iran: Opposition Leader Calls For International Investigation Of Massacre Of Political Prisoners–iran-opposition-leader-calls-for-international-investigation-of-massacre-of-political-prisoners.html

Released tape rekindles memory of 1988 Iran mass execution

Iran’s Minister of Justice Admits Pride for his Role in the 1988 Massacre

Iran Justice Minister confirms his role in Mass Execution of political prisoners

Renowned Iranian Personality demands Justice for the 1988 Massacre In Iran

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Dear Secretary General of United Nations,

The number of executions is rising in Iran, journalists are being detained for doing their job and activists face cruel and degrading punishments, long prison terms and even execution. According to the most recent reports by Amnesty International and the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, “Iran’s judiciary continues to sentence child offenders to death, and carry out their execution by hanging”. Also, on August 9th, 2016 the son of late Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri, Khomeini’s designated successor in 1988, published a shocking audio tape of his father’s meeting with the “Death Commission” which summarily and extra-judicially executed tens of thousands of political prisoners held in jails across Iran. The massacre was carried out on the basis of a fatwa by the regime’s then-Supreme Leader Khomeini.

We, the undersigned, hereby urge you to take up this issue and raise it in the General Assembly in order to;

1. Put pressure on Iran to immediately halt the executions and abolish death penalty in Iran.
2. Call on all Western governments to make any improvement in economic relations with Iran contingent on its human rights record.
3. Demand in its resolution on human rights violations in Iran, to bring the perpetrators of 1988 massacre (one of the worst atrocities the post-war world has ever seen – Geoffrey Robertson-QC) to justice before an international tribunal.

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