Iran: security forces violently attack landfill protesters

The State Security Force attacked and detained villagers in the Kordmir Village of Chardangeh, protesting a 14 year old landfill in the northern village of Chahardangeh. Residents of the village located in the city of Sari, Mazandaran Province were violently beaten and detained during Tuesday’s Chahardangeh landfill protests. Local... Read More

Iran Executes 11 People in Two Days

Iran hanged three inmates during the early morning hours of Thursday, 26 September. The horrific executions was carried out in Urmia Prison, northwest Iran. All of the victims were sentenced to death on drug related charges. International Liberty Association had previously reported the executions of a woman, identified as Leila... Read More

Woman Executed in Iran reached 95th During Rouhani’s Presidency

A woman was executed on Thursday morning, 26 September, 2019, in Sanandaj Prison. She was identified as Leila Zarafshan and was in prison since five years ago on murder charges. Leila Zarafshan is the 95th woman to be executed in Iran during Rouhani’s term of presidency since 2013. Iran is the only country that executes juveniles and... Read More

Geneva: UN Criticized for Abandoning Iran 1988 Massacre Case

In a conference held at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva on Friday, 20 September, international human rights experts called for Iran officials to take account regarding the atrocious human rights conditions in Iran, most specifically those involved in the 1988 massacre. Over 30,000 political prisoners, mostly members and... Read More

Iran: Student Activist Sentence of 7 Years Imprisonment For “Peaceful Protest”

A court in Tehran upheld a seven-year prison sentence and 74 lashes for a Tehran University student activist, detained for taking part in student protests. The Branch 36 of Tehran’s Revision Court upheld the preliminary sentence issued for Tehran University student, Parisa Rafiei. The Revolutionary Court of Tehran had earlier... Read More

Body Organs Trafficking in Iran

Due to Iran economy crisis a dreadful business is on the rise in this country. A huge number of people in Iran have to sell their body parts, including livers, lungs, bone marrow, blood, kidneys, and corneas, on the growing black market, to gain some money to be survive. International Liberty Association has received many reports from... Read More