Call for action to release detained Iranian protesters

According to reports from Iran nearly 3000 protesters have been arrested and more than 40 people have been killed by security forces over the 11 days of demonstrations. One detainee is reported to have died in prison. More than 90% of the detained protesters are juveniles with an average age under 25. In the Majlis (Parliament), a member... Read More

Demonstrations continue in cities across Iran for 7th day

In addition to capital, Tehran, demonstration have taken place in several other cities across the country on the 8th day, in spite of false statements by the authorities who claimed the protests have been crushed. In Zahedan’s Shirabad district skirmishes between the people and anti-riot forces occurred. The regime guards have been... Read More

More protesters die as the Guards open fire at the crowds

At least 12 people have been reported killed during the unrests in the past few days. The regime Guards opened fire at protesters in Dorood, Izeh, Toyserkan,  and some other cities across the country. ILA calls on international community and the UN to take action and call on the Iranian authorities to stop killing people in the streets.... Read More

Protests swipe across Iran amidst widespread repression

Today, Sunday 31 December 2017 is the fourth day of widespread demonstrations across Iran which started by a large crowd in Mashhad, the second largest city of Iran of 27 December. It started as a protest against rising prices and lack of minimum living conditions for millions of deprived Iranians but very soon the protesters were calling for... Read More

UN General Assembly adopts resolution against human rights abuses in Iran

The United Nations adopted its 64th resolution against human rights violations in Iran on 19 December 2017. The resolution sponsored by Canada, was adopted with 81 votes for, 30 against, and 70 abstentions at the UN General Assembly. This resolution specifically expresses concern about the extent that the death penalty is used-... Read More

Devastating earthquake hits Iran-Iraq border

A devastating earthquake hit Iran and Iraq along the border in the province of Kermanshah at around 9pm on Sunday and the cities of Qasr-e Shirin, Islamabad, Sar-e pol Zahab, Salas Babajani and Kerend were severly dmamged. So far the death toll has risen to over 400 as reported by the authorities and several thousand have been injured or gone... Read More